Sccm and ssd deployment

Has anyone ran into issues using Microsoft SCCM in imaging the 500GB Blue SSD drive installed in either a notebook or desktop ? We are experiencing copying issues of the image we want to deploy to both platforms. Any assistence with this is appreciated.

Have you tried a direct, clean install? Have you been able to test if an image from a different version of Microsoft Windows can be deployed? Try double-checking Microsoft’s recommendations in the following link:

On the other hand, perhaps it would be best to send an E-mail to WD Support about this. You can contact them in the following link:

Try to provide as many details as possible related to the issue at hand as well as what you have tried in order to address it.


Use the procedures in this topic to manage the boot images in your System Center 2012 Configuration Manager environment. These images are used to boot the destination computer when you deploy an operating system.

When you select the Boot Image node in the Configuration Manager console, the Size (KB) column displays the decompressed size for each boot image. However, when Configuration Manager sends a boot image over the network, it sends a compressed copy of the image, which is typically much smaller than the size listed in the Size (KB) column.