Scared to update firmware

I just plugged up my first WD  live  hub and  I have 2.02.19 firmeware and all my files play.

What am I missing not upgrading to the latest firmware.

You are missing all the latest fixes for past issues

Version 2.04.13:   

Resolved Issues:

• Supports Tune-In radio application. 

• Supports Deezer music application. 

• Supports Flingo media application. 

• Supports 7.1 channel audio passthrough. 

• Updated audio passthrough options menu. 

• Corrected various general menu and options wording issues. 

• Incorporated corrected language translations

And many more… Over 25 new corrections and resolved issues. This will save you time and frustration by keeping your unit up to date. By not updateing you may still be in the…Danger ZZone… :slight_smile:

If you are happy stay where you are.

It finds my network and streams and plays all my MKV files. And that is what I bought it for so I will not upgrade until I run into a problem. I would hate to upgrade and something doesn’t play or audio sinc is off.


Oh yea I did have one problem with my linksys switch, it would not find my network going threw it but I had a extra line to my bedroom to put it on so it worked then.

Glad to here everthing worked out for you.