Scanning from Printer to Mybookliveduo

I am trying to scan to my live book duo

I created a share and a user so to be the scanner’s user/pw

My scanner uses port 139 for SMB.

My scanner is asking for these settings:





I know user/pw, but I am not sure if there is something special for the hostname and path…I tried already:

hostname: MYBOOKLIVEDUE (That’s what shows in my network)

path: scanner (the share I created)

The scanner could not connect…I need some assistance please. 

Thanks in advance!!!  Karole

What is the brand and model of the scanner?

It is a Kyocera (copystar) cs-5050.  I do have the option of using ftp settings if that is easier.

 FTP asks for the same set of variables.



hostname:  (name of your NAS) MYBOOKLIVEDUO   (if this doesn’t work try IP address)

path: \sharename    (try \scanner)

user: username  (whatever you set for username)

pw:  password  (whatever you set for user password)


Make sure “scanner” share is WRITEABLE from “username”