Scan and rebuild

When i copy a movie to my movie-folder, and i press the “scan again” button, nothing happens, i mean i can not see the movie on my DNLA television.
Otherwise, when i press the “rebuild” button, de database is now adding the movie, and i can watch it on my tv.

Rebuilding takes a lot of time.

Why doesn’t the scan button work for me ?

Did you try exiting the DLNA media server after scanning, rebooting the unit, and opening the server once again?

perhaps i was not very clear in my post :
let’s say i have 10 movies in my movie folder
I add 1 movie (copy & paste) in my movie folder
I press the scan (again) button in my wd cloud dashboard (settings - scan - media dnla database)
Normally i would see 11 movies in the counter, but i don’t…
But when i press rebuild (which takes a lot of time) i see 11 movies (and i can also see them in my movie folder on my Philips TV (i am not using a media server program like Twonky (Philips doesn’t support this) or Mezzmo.

Thank you.

You ARE using Twonky server; the one built in to the MyCloud. That’s what you are controlling when you hit the DLNA database scan and rebuild buttons.

You can see what Twonky thinks is the state of its database, by using the Twonky UI on port 9000 of your mycloud’s IP address. If that shows the correct number of videos after a scan, then it may be an issue with the dlna viewer on your TV.

Generally when one adds a media file to a Share (folder) that has Media Serving enabled via the My Cloud Dashboard the embedded media server (Twonky or iTunes depending on the media format) will automatically scan the file(s) and add them to the media database. If one is hitting the rescan or rebuild button WHILE that scan is already taking place it will cause the My Cloud to take even longer to add the new media to the media server database listing. One can control when/how frequently the Twonky media server scans for new or removed content via the Twonky administration page located at http://wdmycloud:9000.

Generally the default setting for Twony is to monitor, scan and add media as that media is added to the Share (that has Media Serving enabled).

If one’s smartTV, computer or other device does not support DLNA then scanning or rebuilding the Twonky media server database isn’t needed. Generally only DLNA clients will access the Twonky media server.

I assumed the OP was using a DLNA client on their TV, since TVs that include file server browsers are rare.

But, as you say, if they’re not using a DLNA client, then rebuilding the DLNA database won’t help. They could even turn the Twonky DLNA server off…