Scam concern team no callback after 24hour wait

calling them since 15days each days call center as well chat people say wait 24hour concern team call u back no call back

proof of voice recorded have been saved as well as chat logs of wd live chat

i want to ask everyone on wd community how many people got scammed via call center and live chat
regards concern team call back how many u even got call from them i barely can see anyone even got call once

whole concern team eating free wd money and didnt respond any customer call
i want to ask wd owner to take action and kick every single member of concern team out and recruit new member who respond callback within 24hour

if any call record as well as chat record proof u want let me know my email
have full footage record on voice and chat logs over 15days scammed
till 30days no refund of product yet so far nor even receive a single message or call from corner scammer team

Hi @haideraf,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We have escalated to the respective team on a priority basis.

i got 0 call on my product


30days no refund regreat buying wd scam product no money refund either

customer care of india are full scammer 24hr wait 48hr wait never call back no update each day call scam

have full call records as well as live chat records