Says Passport isn't supported on Blu-ray player and Xbox One

I recently bought a 4 Tb my passport to hold movies that I have digital copies for but whenever I plug it into my Sony blu-ray player or my Xbox one, all it says is that “the device is unsupported”. I have tried to format it but it hasn’t helped. Please help me figure this out! Thanks!

Your problem is not with the 4TB drive. Many devices cannot handle drives over 2TB. Too bad you formatted your new drive. Larger drives need to be formatted differently, plus you likely deleted all the WD included.

When I started using drives over 2TB I could not connect them to my Win 7, I could only comment them to my win 10 utilities, etc.

So, the new 4TB bare drives needed to be formatted and kept on the Win 10. The drives can be accessed fine through the home networn by the Win 7. You need to google and find out more about drives over 2TB.

It also might be time to look into a NAS with larger storage capacity that is attached to home router and not devices.

Good luck…

Larger Hard drives can be formatted the same way as smaller hard drives eg. NTFS, FAT32, exFAT etc.

The Difference is the Partition Table

Larger Hard drives over 2TB use GPT (GUID Partition Table)

Smaller Hard drives under 2TB use MBR (Master Boot Record) Partition Table

So, the tricky thing is … if you wish to use the Hard drive with a Sony Blu-Ray and an Xbox One you may or most likely find that one supports a certain format and partition table and the other may not.

eg. both devices may support exFAT but may not support GPT (and if you re-partitioned the 4TB to MBR … you’ll only have 2TB of storage)

You will have to research both devices to find out the usb hard drive technical spec requirements are (and if they are different, then you will be limited to one device)

For full compatibility for both devices … Media Streaming (DLNA) or Network Shares would be the recommended way to go. Either using your 4TB Connected to a PC (or Router if it supports usb media streaming) or a NAS (I have a WD My Cloud which works fine streaming media to a range of devices all over the house)

I have a similar problem, but slightly different. The passport worked fine, I used it as is out of the box (no reformat). It got to about 1.8 TB , copying fine, files playing fine. I used the file explorer app on the XBOX One X to copy the movies from my old Samsung 4TB to the passport.

Then, it just stopped adding new files, it would hang copying and I had to force quit, check on the passport, the file has not copied correctly, tried the same copying on PC, same issue.

The file is there but it shows 0 seconds.

So, its obviously failed to copy correctly. Tried many different files, same issue.

So, it seems that the partitioning issue described above is the problem.

Question is…is there a fix for this that anyone knows of??

It seems to be a minefield trying to do these things, there is very little support I know of.