Saving Video Formats & Blockbuster Activation

I am new to the WD TV Live Hub and have two questions:

  1. Why do I have to reset the video output format every time I turn the unit back on? The auto function seems to think the TV is 720p, 50 Hz, when it should be 1080i, 60 Hz. How do I get it to save these settings?

  2. Why do I have to ‘activate’ the hub every time I download a movie from Blockbuster On Demand? I thought I would only have to do this the first time. When I tried to rent a second movie, I had to activate all over again.

I have the latest firmware version loaded.



That was a brain fart last night… if your Hub isn’t remembering your choice, and resetting to “Auto” every time you turn it on and negotiating the wrong res,  then telling you to manually choose a res, doesn’t do you much good. :smileyvery-happy: