Saving/Restoring Multiple Versions?

Does the MyBook Essential save multiple versions of a same-name document over time?  For example, say you are writing The Great American Novel.  You don’t want to rename it every time you save it.  Can the software be set to back up the document so that each time it changes, a copy is backed up?  Or if you accidentally cut something out of it, the backup won’t have been written over with the mistake-ridden version?

Hello Mate,

Smartware makes by default 5 copies of each file. Once the you backup your data for the first time smartware will automatically scan any update of each file and make the proper backup…

Thank you for the quick response.  Actually, I’m dealing with computer issues - or the residual effects of them, right now.  Does this mean that I’ll be able to select from up to five versions of the backups made on the Western Digital unit?