Saving one file after a successful backup

I’m aware this is going to be a really stupid question, but after a failed iPhone update/recovery/restore debacle I’ve been dealing with since Saturday, my brain is mush. So snicker away :slight_smile:
I successfully backed-up my C:\Users\ folder using the WD Backup software to my 1 TB Passport without issue and deleted files (pictures, music, etc.) off my laptop to free up storage.
Since I’ve done that I’ve found some other files that I would like to save to the Passport and delete from my laptop as this will open up a big chunk of storage.
My question is if I use the “Edit Files” files button to select just this one new folder that I created in C:\Users\ then click the “Backup Now” button, will all my other folders/files on the Passport be erased because I’m not doing a full backup?
I know that if I were using a USB drive I could just copy/paste the folder and not impact any other files already on the USB drive. But I don’t completely understand how this WD Backup software works and I really don’t want to lose any files on the Passport that I’ve already deleted from my laptop.
Hope that makes sense and that I provided a good chuckle :rofl:

Hi MTacc3576,

Please provide us more information (screenshot) so that we can assist you in a better way.