Saving films and music on my ipad to the EX2

Hi, I am fairly new to iTunes etc, and I have a few films and music downloaded onto my min ipad. Question is, how do I save the films and music to the EX2? I cannot find a folder where the files might be kept on the ipad? MY wife thinks I have to download the music and films on a pc and then move to the EX2 for sharing? Thanks Rich

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

This should be like copying your library to a different drive, however i have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter. 

thanks, i tried music files by just moving them from the local default folder after downloading. However, I have tried changing the default folder that downloads go to (moved to the EX2) and i tried downloading a couple of films to the EX2 and it doesnt appear to work. When I select the film on my ipad it opens a webpage with the same IP as the EX2 dashboard and does not play.

What is the best way to download/save/play from the EX2?


ps is it best to download to default location and then just move the files to the EX2?