Saving a Movie to an iOS device

is there a way to save a movie file to my iPhone or iPad using any of the iOS Apps in the same kind of way as when using the “WD Photos” app, streaming is fine when using the “My Cloud” app but I’d like to be able to save to my device too.

Yes, by using the download button in the app.

I understand that it’ll allow me to download for offline viewing, but I don’t see an option to save to my camera roll, is there any way to do that? I can open with a number of other apps but I specifically want to save to my camera roll like I can with DropBox

Easy way : activate ftp server on my cloud, use a ftp app in IOS and download the audio/music/file where you you want, in this case camera roll folder.

thank you I shall try it, is there a recommended app?

Just google for FTP apps on Iphone, i use android devices.


I’ve downloaded a couple of FTP apps to try and ive enabled FTP on my My Cloud, I know my IP Address of my DSL connection at home and the ip address of my My Cloud, how do I configure the setting to connect? the apps both seem to request a url 

In your router port forward the port 21 of your MyCloud ip for ftp and port 22 for ssh/sftp if you want secure routing, in this case SSH must be also enabled in MyCloud Dashboard.

In the ftp client of your Iphone/ipad fill in your public ip address or your DDNS if you have one, port 21 should be selected as default by the app(?).