Saving a 1tb (mac) hard drive

Hi - sorry new here with a crisis.  I have a 1tb essential passport drive.  It’s been working wonderfully with no dramas on my mac.  I think it may have suffered a drop while in a bag, and now it isn’t reading on anything it used to - computers, tvs, but still gets the light glow when connected to power.  I don’t mind if it’s dead and I have to get a new one, but is there anyway to retrieve all the files on there?  I thought putting my work and family footage on here would be fail safe but I fear I was wrong!  Please help.  Any advice will be muchly appreciated.

Hello, never trust important files to only one place, because as you can see several things can happen. Try checking on the disk management window to see if the hard drive is recognized. If the hard drive is not recognized at all and you really need to recover your files you can check the link below for a some data recovery companies that you can call.

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