Save new file directly to WD EX4 from laptop

I need to be able to save files directly from my EX4 from my laptop. Without that capability, I’m unable to use the EX4 with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom because the link between the Lightroom catalog and the DNG file is broken with the drag-and-drop method now necessary to get files from my laptop to the EX4. As it is, the EX4 is useless to Lightroom users (photographers, amateur to professional).

Would you please create and make available via an update the ability to save directly to the EX4? Thank you.

Status: Implemented

You are currently able to map the WD My Cloud EX4’s network shares for direct access.

Would you be willing to give me a step-by-step to do this? I found instructions (Answer ID 2686) but it doesn’t include my OS, El Capitan. Thanks

It’s the same procedure as in Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). If your network is properly configured the unit should be displayed on Finder. You can also map shares as described in the article (The default device name is “WDMyCloudEX4”).

Is there any negative side in regard to my connection to its time machine or mobile devices? Thanks.