Save my files!


I have a 2-year old WD Elements 1023 500GB. It worked well. No any damages ever, no problems before. Even looks like new.

But just now it stoped working. There’s all my life’s data, all I ever created, all my work!!! Before it happend I tried to download a torrent to it, and it hanged. I pluged it off (nothing other worked) and then pluged in. It’s not recognized, despite it spins and light works. I tried one more time, it was recognized, but I could not copy anything from it, explorer hunged. I tried WinDlg, there’s no my drive in the list (only system one). I can’t do anything! It sometimes stops without reason, some gnashing… But I heared it from before, since I started using it.

It’s already out of warranty, who can help my?.. Oh…

Please, I beg you, help me save my files! There’s everything I have, all my work (I am a designer), all my photos… I can’t imagine what to do without it all…


Try data recovery software the drive is probably corrupt from the torrent problem. Recuva is a free one. Try booting from a Linux Live CD that might give you access to the drive. If you are considering professional recovery don’t do anything.


Data recovery can’t handle it. Maybe it’s not hdd failure, but it’s electronics? Too strange behaviour.

I wonder what could happen? I didn’t drop it, it’s like new… WD, please help your customer!

I guess professional help will cost much :frowning:

I just stumbled on this at another forum Parted Magic maybe there is somethin in it that will help.


Nothing helps. Now after I plug it nothing happens, after a few minutes it appears in My Computer, some scratching sound (like i’m unplugging it while it works) and nothing then. What to do? It fears me…

Disk “opens” but Explorer says it’s empty and does not show it’s size at all