Save changes perminantly to EX4?

Hi all,

After a normal reboot of my EX4 all changes made through SSH, like manually adding crontab jobs etc, are not saved.

Is that normal? How to fix that?



Welcome to the WD Community.

Since accessing the drive through SSH is not a standard procedure, I won’t be able to share any information about this case.

Let’s see if any of the user can provide you some information about this case.

Since accessing the drive through SSH is not a standard procedure

So why do WD make SSH available on the MyCloud series…?

Probably because user experience suggests that SSH access is ‘standard (essential) procedure’ if you want the thing to work as advertised…

ps. it might be useful to move this to the EX4 forum.

Is there a way to perminantly save changes made through SSH or not?

Please let me know.

Please read the following two posts and check the advice from RAC8006 about setting up a user-start script. On the MyCloud the user-start script will run when the unit boots up. As far as I understand it this is unaffected by firmware upgrades. Perhaps it will work on the EX device. I don’t know.■■■■■-s-guide-to-making-WDMyCloud-work-needed/td-p/873083/page/2

you are in the wrong sub forum, this is the basic mycloud, the EX4 is a very differnt device

I have disabled services in the basic mycloud and it stays through reboots but firmware upgrades overwrite the changes. I would guess the EX4 would behave the same but you need to ask for help there to be sure