Save A Copy to My Passport Ulta Directly

I wanted to find out if I can download directly from a website that I have an account with, to My Passport Ultra? And if so, how would I do that? They would all be applications.
Also, can I directly move Application files from my computers hard drive, to My Passport Ultra, and run them from My Passport Ultra? And what would the procedure be for that?

Thank you very much, CD

If said website allows you to select the exact place to save a file within your computer then yes. Your WD Passport Ultra is no different than a regular thumb drive/flash drive when copying data to it.

With regards to running apps directly from the unit, this depends on the application itself. Some applications will allow you to. Some others won’t.

It’s not recommended to move an installed application to the hard drive since it could create a registry error. It’s best to install the application directly into your external hard drive for testing purposes.

Thank you, Trancer for the information.