SATA disk preventing boot-up sequence

Hi all

I’m having the following problem with a WD5000AAKS (500GB Caviar Blue)

I was recovering data from another (SPARC formatted) disk and saving it to this disk, in a Linux environment.Everything worked fine, I had all my data recovered.

Then, after restarting the computer I am not able to boot up when the Caviar Blue is connected. I cannot even access the BIOS to change the boot sequence or check whether the disk is being detectec. The boot up process is stopped at the splash screen and I can’t do anything about it.

Next I have used a hot swapp docking system to connect the drive after booting up, but I cannot see the disk, neither using Windows 7 Disk MAnagement, Linux, or WD LifeGuard. I know the disk spins, I can feel it in my hand, and I do not hear any strange noise…

One further comment, just in case: when I was recovering data and saving it into the WD disk, my disk went full so I I had to use another disk to complete the recovery process. ¿Could that be relevant? I mean, could that fact explain what is happening to this disk?

Any help with this would be highly welcome. ¿any tips?

I think that could be relevant, perhaps it does not have the necessary files to boot due recovery in another disk. Try to copy your information in another storage device and then reformat the drive. Also you mention Linux, does you know your drive file system.