SATA and usb problem


ok, when i first used the passport it worked fine, without any software. on my way to school it suffered a small drop (about 1/4 of a metre. from now it isnt working but i can still hear the discs spinning and the light comes on. windows plays the autoplay sound whenever i have connected it but it doesnt show up in explorer.

i have removed the hd from the case and im now using it in a SATA port. in when i boot up my pc recognises a drive is installed but doesnt show any details for it, and it doesnt show up in device manager, is there any drivers i need to install to get the hd to work internally? ps. the drive has suffered worst drops and has always worked before.


I think it may have to do with the bridge board that enables using password whether you use that feature or not. I don’t think the drive is readable without the brigde board.



ok, so is there a fix if i were to use it as a usb again?



What version of Windows are you using and does it show up in the drive manager?



im using windows vista and yes, when it is connected via usb it does show up in device manager.  it was working fine one night and now, nothing.


The drive manager is different from device manager. I’m not sure this works on Vista. Try right clicking on Computer and select Manage and look over to the left and Disk Management is there. It should show all of the drives. Other wise it’s in Administrative Tools in the control panel.



ok, in computer management the drive shows up as a drive which isnt initialized, so i got o initialize it and i get a error, no matter which format i choose to initialize it in.


It sounds like something is corrupt. TestDisk  may possibly help since the drive is showing.  Some peopl have had sucess with it. It rebuilds the partiton structure. Good luck.



my external hd does not show up in test disc nor does it explorer. im still unable to initialize i as it comes up with the error “incorrect function” im not in dire need of restoring it, all my files are backed up, i just need some extra space on my pc.


im downloading acronis now, hopefully this will solve the problem, i shall get back to you. thanks for all your help!