Sata 600 in sata 300 plug?


I am thinking about buying myself a new internal harddrive, one with 3 TB on it. My desktop is not that old but it only has sata 300 plugs on it. My question is if I bought a WD harddrive with sata 600, would it still work in my sata 300 plugs on my motherboard at reduced speed? Or will it not work at all?

Thanks for any answers :slight_smile:

Hi yes a sata 600 will work on sata 300 some you need to use a jumper but alot will auto set themselfs. Will your motherboard bios recognise a 3 tb drive is another story.

I see. I have the motherboard: EVGA nForce-790i Ultra SLI. Would this motherboard recognise a 3 TB disk? Or is that something that has to be tried out? Would hate to buy such an expensive harddrive and not work :).

Here is the motherboard manual if that helps: 

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi well the main thing is to make sure the motherboard bios is up to date. I see they have a p10 version of the bios it says on the download page it was released in 12-30-2009 but if you click under notes , view the date is 8-12-2011 so it should have a good chance of working. Give it a try I cant see why it wont work.

Then I will give it a try. Thank you very much for your assistance :slight_smile: