SAS Self Encryting Drive

Any one have experience using WD’s RE model for SAS Self Encrypting Drive via T10 SCSI Sanitize command with Crypto Erase?  This wd RE drive web link stated, “Self-encrypting Drive (SED) Option. SAS Drive: Optional secure model for encrypting drives – Utilizing an AES 256 bit encryption engine for Crypto erase capability, WD supports the industry standard commands of both the SCSI Sanitize command with Crypto Erase and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) command set.”.

Which WD model and firmware package truely support this crypto erase command?  I knew Seagate supports it.   Anyone using the Linux’s sg3_util package can send down the crypto erase option flag to SED drive with the following command:

/usr/bin/sg_sanitize -Q --early  --crypto /dev/xxx

This drive offers the feature you are inquiring about.