SAS HDD to RAID cable

I just purchased the Ultrastar He10 Model HUH721010AL4200 SAS drive. My controller card is an LSI 9361-8i with CBL-SFF8643-SATASB cable. I need a cable to connect the new SAS drive directly to the controller card. I’ve been told to look for a SAS to SATA or SATA to SAS breakout cable, but I would like to clarify that as much as possible. Could someone advise me on the cable please with a link if possible or a part #?

Never mind guys, I did a bit more research and found the cable I need. There are so many SAS connectors that it could be confusing if you are not careful or you never used one.

Glad you found the cable you needed - what was it? I have the same drive and am struggling to work this out.