Sans digital tower raid TR8U via USB not working

I was using with no issues a sans digital tower raid TR8U via USB to the WDTV Live. 

Got back from vacation, turned on the WD and installed the lastest update.  Now I can only see 1 TB of data.

There are 8 1TB drives installed. The unit is setup for 4 drive spanning.  On my PC I can access the the sans via the network cable hooked to the WDTV and see both span drives (4TB each).

Any Ideas why the WD is not seeing the sans correctly?

I have the exact same problem.

It can only see the first drive.

I changed the settings on the TR8U to allow for 2 drives of 2TB each, and it will still recognize 1 of them; however, it will not show the 2nd.

Unfortunatelly, I can not set it as 1 drive, since there is a 2TB limit on the TR8U.

Is there anyway to allow the WDTV to ‘see’ all of the drives in the TR8U?


Bump. I guess WD isn’t going to help on this one?

It’s not that WD isn’t going to help, it’s just that this is a community support forum where members help each other out.  If someone here has a solution or answer, they’ll share it with you.

Occasionally you’ll get a WD staff member commenting but the truth is simply that you must contact tech support directly in your region via phone or email if you want to troubleshoot a specific problem and get a direct response.

Honestly, I doubt our tech support will know either.  We don’t provide support for third party products. You can try, but you may want to contact Sans about this also.