SanDisk 4TB-8TB Desk Drive w/ Networking and MyCloud features would be better!

The SanDisk 4TB-8TB Desk Drive is a great idea for a product and WD is very reliable. It also appears to be a great price point for the SSD capacity. BUT falls short overall. I see a great opportunity here for WD on the next generation of this drive adding the feature detailed below and rebranding it into the WD MyCloud family.

This drive should have had the option to be connected to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. In todays age most people now have high speed internet service in their homes with advanced routers. Most of the current providers provide you with gigabit routers that also have (1) 2.5 GB Ethernet port on them and they have Wi-Fi 6E speeds of up to 5.4 Gbps – twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6 , and Wi-Fi6E also supports 6GHz bandwidth. This product would be better if it was a WD MyCloud capable drive. I feel this will be a GREATER product if it was designed to include the functionality of the WD MyCloud line of storage products.

I prefer larger NAS units which can tolerate a disk failure
4 disk models are ok but I like 8 disk ones

This is the My Cloud Home Ideas subforum which has little in common with the My Cloud line of storage products you are thinking of as that forum is in the My Cloud subforum.

If you are thinking of product ideas, know that Western Digital has not introduced a new consumer Network Attached Storage in about 7 years. The normal sunset EOL date for WD products is about 8 years and there has been no new offerings therefore it is doubtful that the WD US consumer division for NAS is even still in existence. This speculation is supported by the fact that WD is now selling Qnap NAS products in the WD retail webstore.

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Yeah I have 3 My Cloud PR2100’s I have been trying to get my hands on a PR4100. I am hoping WD does not abandon the line. At some point there was a refresh of them because I see there is an older model out there. The WD PR NAS boxes are so much easier to manage my files than the 3 Servers I have built up over the last 15 years.
I jumped on the Windows Home Server bandwagon then upgraded to Windows Server 2012, 2012R2, 2016, and now 2019 on one of them. I have 2 HP Proliant Micro Servers and one custom built Server (2019) out of one of my old Full tower gaming computers which has 12 NAS drives in it currently. So far I copied all the files from the 2 HP Proliants to the 3 PR2100’s was really hoping to get 2 PR4100’s to repurpose the 4 drives that are in the Proliant Servers.