Samsung TV - MyCloud Drive Access Wide Open?

Just found that Samsung SmartTV seems to ignore all security protocols on the WDcloud drive?

When I select the MyCloud drive and select Video, Pictures, etc ALL content on the drive is viewable and accessible - no passwords, etc. **bleep**?

  1. It’s a Sky router and the TV is linked via cable so perhaps it’s that?

  2. Cloud drive connected to router by LAN cable so…? (oh, but we have to do that)

  3. It’s a Samsung SmartTV - maybe it’s that?

  4. Most content was copied to the Admin User account via the LAN cable linked direct to PC, and not via the WDMyCloud desktop icon, as that was fasted way to upload 900GB - maybe it’s that?

Anyone else had this issue, or is this a simple user error and easily fixed?


It doesn’t matter if the shares are private or public, if you don’t want the media to be streamed throughout the house, not just in your Samsung but on any device on the house which has DLNA support, you must TURN OFF the DLNA Media Server under settings all together or simply turn it off per Share, by going to Shares then turn off Media Steaming for each Share you do  not want to be streamed.

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It’s a limitation of the DLNA standard. There is no security for DLNA. RealAct is correct. You should put ONLY media in any share open to DLNA, and media that you don’t want to secure.

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As a matter of fact I just realized there’s a way you can block specific devices from accessing the media which is streamed via DLNA, if you go into




View Media Players (Link on the right on this area)

You can then Allow/Block specific renderers from being able to display content, I have not tested this out myself, so be cautious, but it looks like WD has created some sort of extension to allow/block specific devices from playing the media even when DLNA is enabled on the share, very cool indeed.

That’s not an unusual feature of DLNA servers…  but it’s easily bypassed – unless you also set a password on the server webpage itself.  :)

Really? I never saw this option before, and sure, that’s why I said “be cautious” I know DLNA has no security by iself, but I never noticed that feature in any server before.