Samsung TV is not Updating Folder Information when Looking at it over the Network

When I first set up my WD LV Live Hub I plugged a USB thumb drive into it and let in import the DATA from it.

Since then I have used a PC to add another folder and delete some of the files from the original folder.

When I look at the TV it tells me nothing has changed.

When I tell it to play something that I deleted it tells me that it can’t play the file.

When running Samsungs PC Share Manager you have to update DB manualy.

How do I get the file list to update?

Two ways.    Power it completely down (hold the power button on the remote for 3 seconds)

Or, go into SETUP / OPERATION (or system?) / Turn Media Library OFF, then turn it back ON.

Thanks for the suggestion it worked.

I power it completely down by pressing the power button on the front of the WD TV Live Hub. Then I unplugged the unit for ten seconds. The second step was probably not needed. But I wanted to make sure it was completely OFF. Plugged the unit back in and it turned ON. Went to my two Samsung TVs and the correct file information was showing.

There may be another way to do this.

When you change DATA / NAS locations by going to the top right of the screen and pressing the red box (or press red B on remote) to select content source. It tells you it is going to update the index. Then it lets you see what it has added so far. Note this took a lot longer than just turning the power off. But my second NAS has a lot of files that are not multimedia files so it uses a lot of time scanning things that it will not include on the menu. At least it lets you see what it has added so far so you don’t have to wait till it is done. If you are lucky the first file that it adds is the one that you are looking for.


You might consider restructuring your NAS;

I give my WD Media Players their own User Name, and then, in the NAS, allow that username to access ONLY the volumes containing media.   That way it’s not out there scanning a bunch of non media files.