Samsung TV can't find my wd cloud

Since the firmware update, I can no longer find the wd cloud via the network connected to my TV brand Samsung. Previously this was possible. Is there a solution for this?
And yes I can see this NAS in my network and make contact with my computer windows 10.
MyCloud internet connection is working.
TV is connected with LAN cable to the switch where allso the NAS is connected.

3 TB
firmware 5.26.300
Router from internetprovider TELENET (Belgium)
Switch: TP-link 8 ports
TV: samsung 6530 CLASS Smart TV

More information is needed for others to help diagnose your issue.
What specific My Cloud unit do you have?
What Samsung TV do you have?
How is the TV accessing the My Cloud? Using SMB or some other method?

What troubleshooting steps have you done?
How is the TV connected to the local network?
Is the My Cloud directly connected to the network router?
What is the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > Windows Services > Max SMB Protocol set to?

What type of router do you have and are all your devices that are on your network showing on your router?
With the devices turned on have you tried a reboot of your router to see what happens.

My smart TV is a Sony, and I haven’t had any problems with my WDMYCLOUD showing on it. My WDMYCLOUD has the latest updates for the firmware.