Samsung SSD Cloning to Western Digital SSD/ Uninstall Samsung Magician Before Cloning?

Anyone here upgraded from a Samsung SSD to a WD SSD? I plan to clone Samsung to WD. The issue is not how to do so but rather should I uninstall Samsung Magician before cloning? I plan to use the Samsung SSD in an enclosure later so the Magician software would still be useful to check the enclosure SSD. But am concerned how Magician would affect the WD SSD if it indeed would. Any first hand experience with this? This is for a W7 OS notebook.

Most likely won’t even recognize the WD SSD … if the Software is only for Samsung hard drives.

Even if you clone everything from the Samsung to the WD … the drive identifier (most likely stored in the drive controller/firmware) will identify the drive as a WD hard drive on your W7 OS notebook.

The only thing I would do prior to cloning (which I wouldn’t do, but that’s just me) would be to revert any settings you have made to the drive with the magician. i.e Over Provisioning I don’t know if this would cause an issue, I think you can pick out which partitions you want to clone, but why take the chance.