Samsung smart tv can not detect WD NAS

i got a smart tv but can not detect WD NAS, does not show in TVs DLNA, all in the same network

you have to have both: your MBL set globally to share media, and then you also have to go into the settings for that particualr share folder and enable the type of content you want to share.  I’d check that first.

Some TV’s will have a hard time finding all devices on the network

is the drive connected to a router or a switch?

I have a WD “MyBookLive” Nas drive with 2T of space.

I have 1.4T used on the drive.

I have a Samsung UN55D8000 LED TV.

The TV sees the hard drive. The “source” option sees MyBookLive TwonkyMedia.

If I select the hard drive it says “there is no video file currently available”.

Other notes:

The Samsung TV (SmartHUB) used to see video, photo, music files and play them last week with no problems.

The AppleTV can see and play all the files on the hard drive with no problem.

The Samsung TV can play files from computers wirelessly through “All Share” no problem.

Why I need the Samsung TV to play videos, instead of just using the AppleTV. The answer to that is the AppleTV plays the SD files without a problem, but struggles with the HD. When it was working last week the Samsung TV streaming was working flawlessly. Therefore if I wish to watch HD on my TV I need to get the Samsung TV to see the files on the NAS drive again.

Thanks all.