Samsung Multiroom wireless speakers access

I’m trying to play music files from my My Cloud Home through my Samsung Wireless spreakers. My father has a similar set up but with a My Cloud drive. For him the Samsung Multiroom mobile App detected the Mycloud drive allowing his to connect and stream music from the drive through the wireless speakers. However for me the app doesn’t seem to be detecting the drive and i have no way of connecting to it.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have a solution?

the My Cloud Home is not a traditional NAS. The private user space is not an SMB share and this is likely why the Samsung speakers cannot see the music stored on the my cloud home. Sonos has added a My Cloud Home service so it can access data stored in the private user space. I do not believe there is any integration for Samsung devises.

the my Cloud Home does have a default Public SMB share that is used for Windows Backups. As a work around you could try putting your music in that default public share and the Samsung speakers would probably see the data. The downside to this is that any data stored in the Public SMB share cannot be seen by the Mobile or web access app.

Pretty stupid really isn’t it, calling it a public folder that you cant access via mobile or web…

the whole concept of this device is fundamentally flawed and a complete misnomer, as can be seen from all the many disgruntled users posting on the forum…

Heres a screen shot form the Samsung Multiroom App showing the My Cloud appearing as source option.

I’m a bit naive, but are there differences between the My Cloud and My Cloud Home that might account for one being detected and the other not?


WDMyCloud has Twonky DLNA and Windows SES drives ( hardware in Windows My Computer screen)
My Cloud Home does not which is why it probably doesn’t.

Samsung App may “require” a DLNA Server to be running on the devices.
Since I do not have app, there may be a way to add the Windows Public Share via Samba similar to Sonos app

Check your Samsung app to see if this section of the KBA will work for you “Configure For Local Playback (Local Area Network Public Share)” YES the KBA is written for Sonos, but the path the process for local playback of music in the public folder is the same.

If that doesn’t work, you could Configure and Enable Plex and turn on Plex DLNA Media Server.
However, the music will need to be in the Plex Music Folder and not the Public Share