Samsung LCD TV sees media files on 108B USB 2TB drive but not new 25A2 USB drive

I have two ELements 2TB drives - a 2 yr old one and a brand new one.
Our Samsung LCD TV only sees almost all kinds of media files on the older 108B drive and not a friggin single media file on the brand new one.
The PCs and Laptops seees and plays them all on both.

Both are NTSC formatted.
Is there something perhaps missing from the new A252 drive that perhaps got overwritten or erased?

Or are others having this issue with Samsung or other TVs.
The TV is an LCD and is about 5 years old…

Thanks for any idea

Are the drives named the same? Try renaming one of them. Also, you said that they are both NTSC formatted. Do you mean NTFS?

Are you sure the new drive is an Elements drive? Because I don’t see any model number reference to an A252 drive.

Old Drive (MBR) … New Drive (GPT) ?


  1. We plug only one at a time into the Samsung TV USB port. It only has one USB slot on the back of the TV. This Samsung, -/+ 5 yr old, [last firmware update was 2011] TV has never had an issue with playing video or showing photos on any type of USB-connected storage media before whether it was the older element version , thumb drives or another older elements-type 1 TB storage external drive.

  2. MY bad - yes - NTFS - sorry

  3. Naming - I think not but will check when I go home. I may have put an “&” in the name of the drive - perhaps that is a no-no… But the drive registers just fine on the three windowes PCs/Laptops I have used it with so far…

  4. Yes - it is an elements - it is the model number WDBU6Y0020BBK - but it shows up under device manager as “A25A2” - just as the older one shows up as a different # as I referenced earlier and actuially when we plug it in to the TV - that A25 number designation is what it shows the drive is.

  5. The TV recognizes the source in the USB as a Source - so it is not a question of the Drive not being recognized. When you go to the media screen - and hit the video option, it then comes up on the screen with 'No media files [of that type?] can be found on the drive" [more or less]. There are about 50 video files of differing video formats [mp4, avi, mkv] on the drive. The same files - located on the older elements drive - play just fine …

  6. The new drive [in use < 1 week) just has been used to receive some video files from my laptop and from the older Elements 2 TB drive.

  7. Perhaps I will try to put some photos on the drive and see if they are recognized. However, it is very strange that this elements drive does not behave out of the box like the one we got ~ two years ago…
    The older one would likely be a slightly different model number - Its very hard to read the tiny fine print on the underside label after a while when it’s been used for an hour to three likely every day since purchase.

  8. Ideas further??

My Actions:
Check the name and take out any wierd characters that might give it a faulty input - make it Elements2.
I’ll take both drives to another TV at the neighbours to see if their TV reads and plays/sees the videos, music and photos from the two drives or just the old one? That could be a good diagnostic approach to see if it is the sender or the receiver that is in need of important care?
Will post outcomes from that.

just repeating my last post … old drive is most probably MBR Partitioned and the new one is most probably GPT Partitioned. More reading below (yes it’s an old article … but so is your tv)

Brand new Joey - right out of the box and the same 2TB model # as on the WD website. I did not format it - it must have come pre-formatted as NTFS.]

yeah, but all new wd hdd drives are NTFS Formatted with GPT Partitions which some TV’s (especially older ones) are not compatible with.

older drives were NTFS Formatted with MBR Partitions

Google the difference, and how to check, and how to convert GPT to MBR (without data loss)

or the other way is to completely wipe your drive and Re-format AND Re-partition (to MBR)

Got it and I will check when I get home. As it is practically brand new and only 2 TB - doing a partition conversion is no big deal and even an old and retiring geologist should be able to figure out how to do that without the geo-pik coming out of its holster. Appreciate your persistence in reinforcing with the link - I had not opened this article but have seen there have been issues.


JoeySmyth is correct. I just checked and all of our newer large external drives are now formatted with the GPT partition. You will need to repartition and format the drive in MBR for it to work on your older TV.

Bill, Joey
Thanks a million!!!
You guys ROCK - and coming from a geologist - that means a LOT.

I have done the properties volume thingie and you fellows are Soooooo right.
On the weekend I’ll try the convert or just reformat it …

Mucho appreciado…