Samsung hdd

Hello everyone, first time on here and i need to know the best HDD for my Samsung R710, it needs a bigger drive and i have no idea which to choose…can anyone help.

Hi your laptop has a Sata 2 Intel controller so you can choose really any drive. To make it faster and get a good warranty on the drive I would choose a 500 gig black drive this model number would be fine WD5000BPKT. They have a 5 year warranty. This is the model number of the 750 gig drive if you need more space WD7500BPKT. If you need a 1tb drive you would have to choose a blue drive.

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Cheers for the reply,

i think we’ll go for the Terrabite drive as we already have the internal (250 gig) full and an external 500 gig almost full.


Hi OK the green drive’s are not really meant for a boot drive as they park the heads and are not as fast as other drive’s. If you still want to use a green drive make sure you get the sata 3GB/s one.