Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Compatibility


I am wondering if the My Passport hard drive is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It works fine with my windows 10 laptop and playstation 4. However, my Note 8 cannot detect it. I already tried reformatting it (ezfat, ntfs and fat32) and I even used a y cable. Using 3rd party apps like es file explorer and total commander/paragon did not work as well. I would appreciate it if someone can help me with my problem. Thank you.

WD My Passport External hard drive manufactured to work on desktop computer systems but not tried to test yet. However, mobile phone can support external storage capacity upto mobile’s maximum compatible storage capacity.
Also, the reason for the non working of My Passport with Samsung Note 8 would be that Note 8 is not able to provide the sufficient power to My Passport for its proper working operation.

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