Samsung Bluray not recognizing WD My Book

I recently bought a new WD My Book 4 TB and for some reason my Samsung Bluray isn’t recognizing or even acknowledging that I plugged it in!

Samsung Bluray Model BD-C5500

1.) Both my software and firmware are up to date (I double checked)

2.) I used to use WD My Book 1 TB (WD P/N: WD10000H1CS-00) and it worked just fine.

For the WD My Book 4 TB I’ve tried:

1.) formatting it to exFAT and plugging it in to see if it would recognize it (didn’t work)

2.) formatting it back to NTFS and it still wouldn’t recognize it

I put an mp4 video in the WD My Book 4 TB to see if it would show up but the bluray doesn’t even read the hard drive. Please help! I have tried everything!

Check the Bluray player manual to see the maximum supported size for external drives. In case 4TB hard drives are not supported, you can dividing the My Book on smaller partitions.

I bought a new Blu-ray player and hooked it up—> didn’t read it.

Then I partitioned it to 4 sections (each 1TB) ----> still doesn’t read it.

I then removed the security password and my blu-ray still doesn’t recognize it. 

This is very frustrating. 

Hi again, did you got to check the Bluray manual for the hard drive size limit? 

have you tought of the fact tha this drives are not desinged to work on blueray players they are computer hard drives. The simple fact that your the other drive just so happens to work doesnt mean that all others will work. You cant really complain about something that is not working when its not ment to work.

Try it on your computer does it work? Yes! problem solved.