Samsung Allshare problems

Samsung Allshare works on my Windows Vista pc with BD-5700 blu-ray player. Both from Hard Drive and an external usb drive.

Mycloud is seen by the software but when I attempt to add files to be played the software aborts with a ‘software has stopped working’ message .

Samsung cannot answer the question about the failure.

Can someone offer settings or solutions to  this situation?

Thanks in advance,


How are you trying to add the files? What device are you using, desktop, laptop or what?

I have had Allshare working, sorry I can’t really help as its been working fine, but knowing it can work might be helpful.

Samsungs Allshare capabilities can differ from model to model.

MyCloud 2tb, external drive hosting my media. I’ll have to check the firmware vertion later. 


Allshare TV, will check my model later. 

Samsung has replaced All-share with Samsung link software. I can now see all files on mycloud on my blu-ray player and some play fine.

However Townky and DLNA DO NOT SUPPORT .mkv files. I do not know how to work aroung this limitation.

Can someone offer a reasonable alternative? Reasonable does not include converting all the files.

Thanks in advance.