Samsung 3 tab not connecting to wd mycloud

Hi all, 

im a newbiw, please assist if you can

i have just connected and tried to use my mycloud, i have added photos and managed to get my ipad to connect and activate, so i know it works thus far, however when i try to activate it on my wifes samsund tab 3 , whichever way i connect manually or cloud dot com, with email or activation code i get error 905 or 906, it sometimes asks me to re enter email and password , but never connects, i have uninstalled my cloud app and re installed but to no avail.

please assist if you can, prior to the tab growing wings 


Welcome to the Community malcolm3102. If you’re getting the error 905, it’s generally due to a networking issue on the phone. Try switching 3/4g off or WiFi off, whichever you aren’t using.