Same Story - Slow MBLD 6TB

Hi Everyone - 

I just bought a 6TB MBLD to store all of my media and am encountering all of the same speed issues.  I’ve been trying to upload about 1 TB of data to the disk and am getting about 6-7 MBytes/second write speeds with the ethernet communicated to my Laptop (WIN 7)

Is this normal or is this still quite slow…I’m super jealous of the users that have run the scripts through SSH and getting 40 MB/second. . .I’m half tempted to do it, but I no nothing about Linux and I’m sure I would screw it up.    

My router is a Linksys Dual Band N Router - Would my write speeds be that much improved (More than the 6-7 I’m currently getting with the direct ethernet) if I upgraded to a Gigabit Router?   

The MBLD will be running on both Macs and PCs - so again, I am hesitant to run the scripts on this.    

I’ve scoured this board looking for ways to improve the speeds on this, but is it a matter of my set up being slow or is this something easier to fix.   

Thanks for you help!  

The speeds are OK in my opinion regarding your network setup. I’m getting the same 6-7MB/s (reported by win7) when copying 4-5GB files (mkv’s) and 10-12MB raw photo files. I’m using wifi on my laptop (802.11n draft 2.0), wifi dlink router 802.11n draft2.0 and ethernet ports (no gigabit anywhere).

If you’re planing to buy a gigabit router and you have gigabit ethernet ports on your computers you’ll get 10-15MB/s (no wifi, just wires).

Should be much faster with wired gig…

/mounts/bn3MediaShare> ls -la ~/Wall-E.mkv 
-rw-r--r--. 1 tony tony 812535554 Sep 7 17:37 /home/tony/Wall-E.mkv

/mounts/bn3MediaShare> time cp ~/Wall-E.mkv .

real	0m16.653s

 16.6 seconds to copy 812,535,554 bytes equates to  about 50 megabytes per second.

I haven’t run any of the “Scripts” on my Duo.  I have remote access and DLNA active on the Duo.