Same song not playing as .wav only at .aiff

I have a strange bug. A song that I can not ply as a .wav file while all the other songs on the same album do not have any problem this one  can only be playes as .AIFF

I riped it into itunes and when I changed the same file it played again.

Anyone else with likewise problems?

WD TV LIVE HUB code is very picky with filename extenstions… 

For example, If you have a *TRUE*  *.vob file and you have delibrately named it as *.mkv so that your HTPC would play it somehow, it will not work in WDTV LIVE HUB

The best way to determine the differences in the two files is to run it against a tool know as M ediainfo

You can the be sure what type of file that *REALLY* is…

It is best that you rip that CD again in ITUNES and see if all the songs play correctly in WDTV LIVE hub.

Hope this helps



Yes I ripped the track again. Deleted it from the WDTV hub and copied the new one to the hub. Same result. All songs from the same cd play but this one and only not. After re-changing it to AIFF, from the same unplayable WAV file. It played no problem.