Same free space when deleting files

I am deleting files to make some space. I had about 1Gb before deleting files. Now after I deleted files it still shows 1Gb it should at least show about 50Gb less. Why is it so?

Did you empty the recycle bin?


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That worked. But I don’t want it that way.

I know that I did’t have this problems before.

Well deleting files from external and not emptying the trash can corrupt the drive occasionally if you remove the drive that way and empty trash with drive discinnected.


So what should I do now.

I have deleted some files on another computer that I don’t have access to and did’t empty the trash.

So the files are still there but not accessable.

So now I have space that are unused on my driver.

Something like Unlocker might do it. Or go into properties and try taking ownership of the bad files.


I don’t understand how this unlocker should help me. I still can’t see the files on my WD passport. As they where deleted on another computer and the trash was’t cleand then the files are still on hdd but unvisible.

I check all files on the hdd and it says that there are 427 GB in files, 17,2 GB are free space. It is a 500 GB hdd, so where are the other rest?