Same Drive Slot Reports Drive Bad after a few months of use


The Third NAS Drive in Slot 3 has once again reported bad. I remove the drive and format it in my home computer and it will work without issue. Place the drive back into MY Cloud EX4 and it reads bad. I am getting between 3-5 months out of the drives before it reports the drive bad. Always slot three. However moving the drive to a different slot after it reports it bad doesn’t work. Still reports bad. Put it back into my PC, and it works just fine. Firmware is current per the dash board. Any ideas would be appreciated.


This forum is primarily for questions related to the single-bay My Cloud.
You may find someone in the My Cloud EX Series forum that can answer you question.

Please consider deleting the Q from this forum, as it doesn’t apply to the single-bay My Cloud.


What type of computer do you have and OS?