Samba upgrade. How?

I would like to upgrade default samba version 3.2.5 which is installed in My Book Live to latest 3.5.6.

3.2.5 is quite old.

In latest versions a lot of errors is fixed and possibly it will have smaller memory usage & faster speed.

Looks like there is no 3.5.6 available thru ‘apt-get’ even in backports , so i will try to compile it myself…

I’m not Debian guru, so i just hope it will be possible to compile it in /home/user and then just replace current executable file from /usr/sbin with this new version…


Sorry buddy I dont think your able to do that?

Of course it is possible (you can compile it yourself from source), but not knowing all aspects of samba config and also possible customizations made by WD on this NAS I will not risk it.

Will stick with default MBL samba version.

Agreed with Jazzymood.

Custom modifications were done to this specific Samba version to support the chipset. If you go and change this, you will see a significant performance hit plus whatever other issues would arise from changing out a core service like this.

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I also think it will void your warranty thats mostly why i say you cant

What are the errors / problems you face with the current version?