SAMBA panics with Firmware 2.10.310

I have regular SAMBA panics after upgrading to the latest Firmware. I can actually reproduce it at will when viewing DVD files using VLC Mediaplayer. I checked log.smbd and the stack traces look similar with each panic. Core files are created. (I have saved them).

Anyone else have problems with Samba?


Hi, I have not seen this issue before, have you tried resetting the drive? What is the behavior of the drive when the SAMBA panic occur?

Yes . Did not solve the problem.

I have downgraded to Firmware 1.05.36 and all problems were gone. Actually I am very happy I did that because downgrading solved three problems for me:

  • SAMBA panics
  • Disappearing connections for Time Machine backups of my Mac books
  • Drives did not go to sleep

Hallelujah! Well done WD for the quality of the Firmware 2.10.310. It s**ks big time!

Another thing: I have been trying NFS instead of SAMBA and that is actually so much nicer.

Where SAMBA eats up 15-20% cpu time average (with peaks up to 100%), NFS is just doing steady with no more than 5% cpu time at peaks. It is so much more responsive: I can scroll though my videos real-time while with SAMBA it hangs, waits, continuous, hangs, waits, etc.

Something very wrong with this SAMBA.

Installed Firmware 2.10.310 from the beginning of WDMCM use (а week ago).
Read your message about problems with the firmware including “- Drives did not go to sleep”.
Two HD leds light all the time at my WDMCM. Thus according to the manual I have the same problem as you have.
Will try to downgrade firmware.
Amazing device! =(