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Does the WD Cloud Storage allow you to backup a computers files when the drive and computers are at different locations NOT on the same network?
I would like to put the drive at my work so in case the house burns down or something like that I have a remote backup…Like a Transporter Sync.

No and yes with the single drive My Cloud devices. With WD Sync you can sync files remotely. With Smartware you can only backup files while connected to the local network.

You may want to take the time to read the My Cloud User Manual ( and Smartware User Manual ( to understand the options and features of the My Cloud and the Smartware backup software.

There are ways to use FTP, SFTP, and possibly other methods that would allow third party sync/backup programs (like FreeFileSync ( to sync or backup files from remote computers to the My Cloud. But some of those methods may involve additional configuration of the My Cloud via SSH.

If one uses the forum search feature they’ll find past threads where remote backup has been discussed. Here are some of those prior discussions:

Why not consider having both a hardware backup – My Cloud (at home, you can also use for more than backup; i.e. a media file server), and have a virtual cloud like Dropbox or the myriad of other clouds like it? I do, and it is very handy. I have a very affordable virtual cloud service called Pogoplug with unlimited storage. There are lots of comparison charts for virtual cloud services online. Google for them.

[quote=“mike27oct, post:3, topic:153574”]
[/quote]With Pogoplug an you backup more than 1 computer at a time?

Never tried it, but seems like one can, If I wanted to back up two computers I would have the PP web-based program on each, and not do a back up of both at same time so as not to overload the network, but do one after the other. I would have folders in the cloud for PC 1 and PC 2. Sounds easy enough. Go to and see what you can learn and ask support a question about this.

I actually do have PP web access on two laptops, and have sometimes uploaded files from either PC to same account. Program is free. Don’t jump in with both feet at first, get an account, play with it a while, see how it goes for you.

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