Safepoints don't work?

About a minute after I plug in my hard drive to the back of my my cloud the led turns purple and I cant access it any longer.

It seems more like a USB support issue than a Safepoint.

Safepoints work on my unit without problem, although the copy speed is relatively slow (less than 10MB/S for a USB disk).

When you remove the USB can you get back to the dashboard? If not, can you come back after you press the reset button for a few seconds for a soft reset?

Try a USB flash drive that you have previously CLEANed using DISPART (for example on Windows), reinitialized and reformatted.

Note that when you plug a USB drive, the content scanning works and can be lenghty, but it shouldn’t freeze the unit access.

Ok I’ll give that a try in the morning. Tried for three hours to get this going today. I’d go into the setting before it locked up and when I clicked on my hard disk it’d say checking partitions in a drop down and then my status light was purple and it was no longer online. I formatted it several times with no luck in windows and macs disk utility. I’ll try dispart.

I’m guessing nfts format only?

jredecop wrote:
I’m guessing nfts format only?


The firmware is linux based,  system is on ext 3 partitions and data partition is on ext4.

Best results (less CPU load) with ext4 compared to ntfs on USB attached devices…

From windows you can format partitions in ext2/3/4 with minitool partition wizard home. Very good soft and FREE.

In my case I chose NTFS because it makes it easy to unplug the USB disk and plug it into my PC to access directly the safepoint content (as pointed out elsewhere on this forum, the content is stored flat in the safepoint directory), which will be useful in case the NAS goes down.

This thing is finicky, gonna return it. I formatted a 16 thumb drive with diskpart and my cloud found it no problem, only problem is that 16 gb is not enough. So I formatted my external 2TB hard drive the same way and as soon as I plug it into the back of the my cloud, boom…purple light and not connected. This thing makes no sense. 

Did you clean the drive first before formatting it? I mean using the clean command of diskpart, not a ATASecureErase or a secure wipe, or any dishwashing activity :slight_smile:

Yes I used the clean command in diskpart. I left the hard drive plugged in for 20 minutes thinking maybe it just needs some time and it never came back online, had to unplug my external hard drive (seagate desktop) and power cycle the my cloud to get it to come back online. What brand are others using for the external drive?

If you want to use ext4 and be able th use it in windows when you plug in via usb download:

Extfs for windows by paragon enable transparent use of ext2/3/4 partitions in windows and it’s free.