Safepoints delete files?

Hello all, just setup my WD My Cloud few days ago, does the safepoint update (as in contribute) or is it a new image every time? Below is what I am trying to do. I am a videographer who uses large files regularly:

I edit from pc using files in each clients “raw” folder which is typically 30-50 gigs. Every night at 2 am, I will run SmartWare to backup to WD My Cloud 2tb. At 4:00 am, I would schedule/run a safepoint job to my attached WD My Book 2tb for triple reduncany and final yearly archive.

When project is fully completed, I will delete each clients “raw” folder from pc. Would it remain on WD My Cloud and/or WD My Book drive(s) or would this folder be removed by either the SmartWare job and/or Safepoint job?

I am hoping to use this setup for full year (should have plentty of room), remove My Book and put aside as archive, delete My Cloud, add new My Book for that year, rinse, lather, repeat…

The safepoint is just a mirror of the content of the MyCloud. Delete a file on My Cloud, the file will be erased from the SafePoint next time it runs.

Smartware however keeps deleted files and versions of files on your computer, and stores all this information on the Smartware share. So as long as Smartware keeps it, it will be on the Safepoint copy as well.

If you delete a file on your computer, Smartware keeps a copy, Safepoint has a copy of the Smartware information. If you erase older backup version from the Smartware software, that will update the Smartware info on My Cloud, and in turn will be updated on the safepoint content.

Perfect, thank you !! So SmartWare will only copy updated files, but Safepoint will do a complete mirror each time? Perhaps in that case I will do Safepoints weekly instead of daily? I am thinking down the road (6 months or so) I would be mirroring 500 gigs or more all the time instead of just new folders which would be 100-200 gig additional per month

Not quite.

Smartware will add updated files, keep versions of files including deleted files. The reference is the computer. Safepoint just updates the changed files (not a complete mirror) but will not keep versions and will not keep deleted files. The reference is My Cloud.

Ok, I think I got it now, lets see…

Initial backup from PC to My Cloud of 150 gig. Today I add 20, during the next Safepoint operation it will simply “add” the new 20?

PC, My Cloud and My book would all have 170

Next week I delete 50 from PC. That 50 remains on My Cloud which would remain on My Book.

This is the scenario I am hoping for :slight_smile:

This is correct. Safepoint data is updated to always be in sync (ie mirror) with the data on My Cloud. As you long as you don’t delete the backups on the My Cloud, the data deleted on the computer, and backed up,  will stay on both My Cloud and My Book.

Hello. Not sure if this is a new topic or a question that has already been answered. I have a WDMyCloud 3T and have a 4T external hardrive connected as a safepoint (backup). I created a safepoint and everything seem to work perfectly. Without realizing that safepoint was just a mirror image I accidently deleted the safepoint and now all my content in the external hard drive is deleted. The problem that I have is I deleted some files in the WDMyCloud thinking the safepoint on the harddrive was a backup and was wondering if there was a way to recover these files.

Thank you in advanced.

I inadvertantly created a safepoint on my computer main hard disk instead of the External Hard Drive whee I store other Backups. Now the disk is reporting disik full error.

How do I remove the safepointstart files please? or how do I transfer them to the external Hard Drive?


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