Safepoints and firmware 4.00.00-607

So I bought this WD device. When I first installed it I was advised to update the firmware to version 4.00.00-607. I wish I would never had done so. It was the beginning of a nearly endless journey through failed safepoints and discussions with WD. Those discussions finally resulted in a RMA which allowed me to send the device to WD again for inspection.

Here is what happened:

I meticousely followed the WD instruction how to transport the device to WD. Those instructions are a bit of a laugh how precise they are.

After 10 days or so the device came back, very sloppily packed in a much too big box.The drive could easily move in it. One connector of the network cable was broken, the USA adapter for the netadapter was missing but most importantly: the problem was not solved. WD called the returned device “recertified” but forgot to tell what they mean by that. There was no way for me to know if they have not returned an old device belonging to somebody else. Obviously they do not follow their own instructions about packaging their device.

I forgot to mention that I sent the device over in the original box but they did not return that. As mentioned before it came back in a unmarked much too big box. BTW they did not inform me beforehand about arrival of the drive. Luckily I was at home.

When I complained about the way they handled this RMA I did not receive any answer whatsoever. Until this complaint they were quite quick in answering.

To conclude: after asking around on some fora I was advised to revert back to the prior firmware v03.04.01-230

and this did the trick! After two months of experimenting no more failed safepoints and a much quicker user interface.

In my opinion WD is not ready to admit that there is something wrong with the way they handle RMA’s. Also it seems to me that there is definitely something wrong with the latest firmware release (see all kinds of fora) but WD is unwillingly to admit that.

That is a pity because the WDMyCloud is a nice device provided it is working.


  1. Thank you … 

I am having the same problem :frowning:

  1. From where did you download the FrimWare 03.04.01-230 ?

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Good luck!

Thank you  :)  :)

It helped me very much