Safepoint Update still Not Working (as of May 11 2014)

Made a SafePoint.  Set auto update to 2 in the monring.  Update the data on the cloud drive over the course of the week.  Checked about 10 days in and noticed no updated had been replicated to the SafePoint.  Very Disappointing.  I am running the lastest firmware v03.04.01-230.  Additionally it seems to take forever to create the safepoint (270gb of content).  I don’t understand why it would take so long given the safepoint is a directly attached to the WDMyCloud and therefore doesn’t go through the network.

Is there any error message about the Safepoint not updating?

I have had issues with Safepoints, and I ended up doing a quick system restore (that erases your content so make sure you have a valid safepoint or do another copy somewhere). Then everything is running fine.

I got an error # 36323.  I dont remember the message.

In terms of Notifactions, this is what I see.

There was an error updating your safepoint.

2 - There was an error updating your safepoint SafePoint_20140506 on the USB_to_ATA_ATAPI_bridge share on WDMyCloud.

Sunday, May 11, 2014 2:12:54 AMCode 1102

I think you have to do a quick factory restore. Remember this will delete your content on the NAS.

For me WD is not taking care of the products they sell, is more than 2 years I’m trying to fix this issue and even I make so many thinks, including factory reset , the problem is the same I have a Mycloud  3TB and also a before I have a Mylive book , but for this problem  WD change me for the new Mycloud, even so is totally impossible to backup my 3TB to the 4TB, always I got "error 36323 " after just 5MB copied and by mail the system report the F…king 1102.

I never recommend to anyone to buy WD product. Really I totally unsatisfied with this products.