Safepoint Software scrambles filenames

Backing up a 4 TByte WD MyCloud NAS to another WD MYCloud NAS takes some days, but it works. Unfortunately I find in _WDPROT Backup Directories all filenames with german mutated vowels and german special Characters (ÄÖÜß) scrambled. A file name “ÄÜÖtest.txt” ist backuped as “ÅÅÅtest.txt”. I am uncertain what will happen, if I start the recovery Process. Moreover I would like to read data from the backup Directories. Any help is appreciated.

Hi razfaz, what firmware version do you have? 

Hi Ichigo, thx for your reply. The firmware on both systems is actual (version 03.04.01-219).

Check your firmware for an update…    I just updated a few days ago to 01-230.

Updated both NAS Devices to 03.04.01-230. The problem persists.

Probably related to this:

If you feel like “tweaking,”  you can add “unix extensions = yes”  to the samba configuration of the Safepoint destination and see if that works.

This changes the CIFS_UNIX_POSIX_PATHNAMES_CAP capability, as described here:

Added “unix extensions = yes”  to the samba configuration of the Safepoint destination. Didn’t work.