Safepoint restore messed up MyCloud: need help reparing

I bought a new MyCloud to replace an older Mybook live. I wanted to transfer over about 450 GB of data from the Mybook live to the new MyCloud. I thought the simplest way to do this would be to restore a safepoint of the of the Mybook onto the Mycloud. This sort of worked, but also sort of wrecked the MyCloud: on a windows 7 PC I can access the shares on the Mycloud (now renamed MYBOOKLIVE). But there are a couple of problems:

  1. The user interface is blank. When I go to the ip address of the new drive I get the dark gery page with the “WD MyCloud at the top,” a quick message about attempting to authenticate, and then nothing. Normally this page would have all the options for configuring the drive, but they are not there. In other words, I can’t manage users, shares, etc.
  2. Using the WD My Cloud software installed on the windows 7 pc I can see the drive, and the users from the original Mybook live, but I can’t login using the normal passwords. This is weird since the pc is able to access it with the same username and password.
  3. For all this, I removed the orginal mybook live in order to avoid confusion on the network.

Any thoughs how to fully restore the MyCloud? If not is there a way to restore it since I can’t get the UI working?

Since you can not get to the Dashboard I would try this.

  1. Unplug any USB Device connected to the My Cloud.

  2. Unplug the My Cloud’s power supply, wait 10 seconds and do the following:

This is from the WD My Cloud user manual … page 119

Resetting with Power Off
At the same time as you plug power into the WD My Cloud device, press the Reset button
and hold for about 40 seconds. The device undergoes a system restore and powers on.

System Only Restore: Changes all settings back to the factory default values, makes private shares
public, and returns the administrator password to none. Your content remains untouched
and intact.