Safepoint questions

Some questions about safepoint. I just assumed set it for auto update and move onwards. But since FW 4.00 upgrade safepoint hasn’t been reliable.

Does safepoint just blindly copy the data from My Cloud to My Book?

I see people in other threads complaining about losing shares. So if for some reason a share is “lost” does this get deleted from the safepoint? If so then then auto update should be OFF?

(Meanwhile as I write this auto update failed last night and now a manual has just failed. Sure am glad that this problem was resolved during my 3 telephone sessions with WD Customer Support.)

Safepoint is supposed to auto update. When I upgraded to v4, my first safepoint failed. I went through the process of delete the safepoint from the UI, then cleaning up the USB disk, reformat (was NTFS, back to NTFS), did a system only restore. The Safepoints started working again reliablly. I am not sure all these (drastic) steps were necessary but they seem to be the “fresh start” least disruptive…

I don’t think that having shares drop from the network has implications for the Safepoint, unless the corresponding data on the NAS is actually affected, which I don’t think it is.

Yes, when my safepoints failed, I also lost a Share with a lot of data (told by Level 2 support to pay data recovery service to try and get it back [$300-$1500]). Luckily, I had a Carbonite backup of a Safepoint from just prior to the failures (had turned off Carbonite when WD My Cloud started having issues) and was able to manually retrieve lost data.

Told that it is a known Firmware problem, and they are “working on a solution”… :angry: