Safepoint question

I’ve bought a WD Passport 1TB to create a safepoint on a MyBook live (2TB) - only 228gb on this unit.

I have connected th Passport to a WDTV Live unit via USB.  The WD TV live and the MyBook are cabled to the router.

The dashboard is telling me backing up the 228GB will take 12 hours. So I left it on overnight running in background.  It failed  at 98% of operation.  

I had left my Macbook connected with the WD dashboard open over night but had to take it to work.  

Do I need to keep the Macbook connected all the time while the process is ongoing?

I reconnected this evening and it was able to update the failed safepoint.

No, you can disconnect the MacBook and the SafePoint will still run.

I have had problems with my SafePoints if files were being copied, or backed up, while the safepoint was running. It would get over 90% and fail.

Perhaps something similar happened to you.